Can Chlamydia Be Dormant? Reason We Call It Silent Disease


Meta Description: Chlamydia is not only common it is also silent. It can lie dormant for years and then resurface. This makes detecting this disease and curing it difficult.

Chlamydia is famous for its capability to resurface after a period as long as 17 - 18 years. 

Can Chlamydia be dormant? Of course, but since chlamydia can be asymptomatic, it is difficult to find the exact number of cases. In the United States, there were 1,441,771 cases reported in the year 2014. But, the estimates show that the figure is more likely to be 2.87 million.

People who are more susceptible

This silent disease is more prevalent among young couples. Any sexually active person can become infected. There is more chance of this infection in people who indulge in an insertive coupling. If they have anal, vaginal or oral sex, they are likely candidates for an infection especially if one of the partners has any form of STD. If during urination you have any peculiar sensations like tingling or burning you should have a check-up. Same if you develop unusual sores.

Bacterium responsible for infection

Chlamydia trachomatis causes the infection. Urethritis, proctitis, and cervicitis manifest in women while only the first two diseases manifest in males. This bacterium can only exist in the cervix, the fallopian tube, the cornea of your eye, or the urethra. But, if you touch this with your hand or your buttocks, you will not become infected. Only when the specific conditions for its existence get fulfilled, it will infect you. The conditions in a swimming pool are not conducive since the amount of water is too large. Also, there would be chlorine in the water that acts as a deterrent. 

Allied infection to Chlamydia

Of late in the developing world, a new kind of disease is emerging. Proctitis occurs for the most part among males who have sex with males. The bacterium lymphogranuloma venereum has a relation to the one causing Chlamydia infection.

Manifestations of the ailment

This sexually transmitted disease leads to more severe complications. It includes chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal factor infertility. But, most people with the disease fail to show any physical signs of the ailment. This is why incubation period for chlamydia is not defined with any degree of accuracy. Can chlamydia be dormant? Yes, most certainly.

For those women who remain affected and show signs, a whitish discharge will occur. This is while the infection is in the region of their cervix. At times, this may be in the urethra. At the later stages, the disease will spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Now, we call it pelvic inflammatory disease and even now there might not be any outward manifestations. Those who have acute form of the disease will experience the following symptoms:

· Pain in the abdomen/pelvic region -- for women

· Tenderness of either or both uterus or cervix -- for women

· Watery urethral discharge -- for men

· Testicular pain and swelling (in a few cases) -- for men

One of the complications arising from chlamydia in men and women is reactive arthritis. If this occurs when the woman is pregnant, then there is an increased chance for delivery that is preterm. The newborn might develop conjunctivitis or pneumonia. 

Diagnosis of this infection

Testing for chlamydia takes place either by self-examination or by a nurse in a clinic. Specimens get collected usually vaginal swabs or urine. Most common tests would comprise of these among others:

Cell culture

Nucleic acid amplification tests -- NAATs

Treatment for the Silent Disease

Treatment consists of an antibiotic course. They give this dose for a 7-day period. During this period, they have to abstain from sex. If symptoms reappear, then the person has to report to the clinic for re-evaluation.

As already mentioned, the bacterium needs good conditions to spread. But there are chances of the person is asymptomatic. A flare-up is possible after several years. Any severe illness that causes an alteration in the immune system of the person (cold, viral infection, cancer) could result in the flare-up. 



Get Your Family Boating Vacation Plan Underway 

Do you like vacations? Of course, and here we see the thrills and spills of a family boating vacation. A family boating vacation is very much like moving house – and the entire family – for a short spell, to a place far away from your usual home. The thrill in this type of holiday outing is that you spend quality vacation time drifting on the water. Fascinating is it not? Let us see what we need to set out on our family boating vacation. 

Budgeting for the boating trip 

Budgeting will remain the biggest item on your agenda. But once you have crossed that hurdle, you will find rest of the family vacation planning very easy. If you have restrictions on money, then you can find budget tours for family vacations. Here one has discounts for taking certain tourist routes. Or, you can go on a group holiday tour where holidaying families share costs for many of the items on the holiday itinerary. 

Choosing the Location for the Boating Vacation 

This is also easy. Look up a few travel agents to help you decide the best boating vacation locations available. Many of them will be able to bundle your tour itinerary so that several offers are available. These offers would comprise of: 

* Visit tourists' spots along the way 

* Stay at hotels 

* Entertainment in the leisure time 

If you choose the right bundle, you can save a lot of money on the family vacation. Tour agents will offer you accommodations and board at selected places, houses or boarding rooms at lower prices. Also, certain tourists' locations have special offers for family tourists if they visit during certain times of the year or month. Your travel agent will be able to tell you, which will suit your boating travel vacation plans well. 

Preparing the provisions and things to carry 

Depending on the type and time of vacation, you would need different items. A hunting vacation is different from a fishing trip, and as far removed as a hiking holiday is, from a caravan trip. Boating trips are adventurous and give one a lot of action too. For your family boating vacation, you would need at least the things mentioned below. 

a) Portable floating devices or life jacket 

b) Fishing paraphernalia 

c) Distress signaling flares 

d) Fire extinguishers 

e) Clothes suitable for the water side 

While the boating company or tour agency will provide most things mentioned, you have to check to make sure that these things are on board. You can also check with them before you start out. They might offer a free and flexible schedule or the travel plans for your boating vacation has a certain predefined time format. You can then plan your family boating vacation accordingly. 

Setting the Time Limit 

Setting the budget consists of setting the time limit on your boating holiday. If you work this out well, your entire trip will remain memorable. Holidaying for short stretches has now become easier. An all-inclusive charter at a popular beachside vacation place would cost between $10,000 and $50,000. Luxury charters begin at $25,000 plus any expenses you run up. If you can get the boat or already have the boat, it will save you a load of money. 

Have a Backup Plan Ready

Always keep a backup plan ready. If one leg of the vacation does not take off, then you should have another place to go to, and another place to visit. For those who love the water, boating down the canal is a perfect way to spend the vacation. Consider the pros and cons of this kind of a family holiday.


1. Freedom to go where you want. 

2. No intrusions from any other people including vacationers. 

3. Fishing is open full time. 

4. Swimming is also an option. 

5. No real parking problems. 

6. You can make sudden changes to the program when you want. 


1. You may not find a hotel nearby if you suddenly want to hole up. 

2. There are restrictions in certain areas on the time you may travel or the places you may visit. 

3. One could feel seasick or claustrophobic but if you have a love for water then this should not deter you. 

Consider the fact also that most of the places near the water have cheap and lovely food. Your entire family can only come to this conclusion about canal boating holidays: they are perfect for the whole family. One can include some romantic spots to visit and travel there in the boat. Holidays are a season in life; one should not miss them. If you choose to float away on your next vacation, there is sure to be a boat waiting. Let us begin on the family boating vacation now. 



Social Media Devices Challenges to Big Data

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Identifying huge volumes of data and analyzing them remains the prime intent for Big Data. You can understand Big Data as that concept that arose from the need to provide users with faster and better data analysis methods. This thesis deals with Big Data and social interactive studies with respect to media devices. Does Big Data answer the entire set of questions that the society faces today with respect to media interaction? Society is continuously evolving but the need to exchange and share information remains at the root of all existence. 

Among the newest data analysis techniques, you will find GLADE, the Generalized Linear Aggregate Distributed Engine, and shared-nothing cluster with Hadoop figuring on the top of the list. Implementing these techniques helps reduce data analysis time. With the onset of commercialization of social media, many competing concerns resort to means that do not exactly define or conform to the rights of an individual. Facebook along with its closest rival Twitter leads the rest of the pack of social interactive media used by society today. 

Here in this thesis, you can also see how America evolved over time and the role data analysis played in bringing about various steps for progress. You can also read about the Internet of Things, about automation and why Big Data is important for all this. Study of social media interaction through media devices is a pointer towards progress in our society. The way that Big Data helps data analysis makes the future possible. 

Keywords: Big Data, data analysis, social, media, interaction, device, society. Acknowledgments

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Efficient Social Data Analysis Methods

Social Media Devices Challenges to Big Data

Big Data Media Networking and Data Analysis Challenges

Traditional data analysis methods fall short of fulfilling the conditions of social compatibility and speed of delivery. Many of the problems are brought on by the social system and commercialization. However, the pressing need is to have a good efficient data analysis technique in place. Here are some problems we face. 

* Need for the integrity of data 

* Protecting the privacy of data 

* Improve speed of transmitting data 

The onrush of huge amounts of data for analysis gave rise to Big Data, a concept that helps us deal with data analysis on a massive scale. The social system seems to prefer the interaction with Big Data and yet one faces many issues like privacy and individual rights. 


Developing Insight about Nature of Data

One could define Big Data as comprising of the Big V's – Velocity, Volume, Variety, and Value (Schroeder, 2014). Each of these V's is huge— meaning the variety is enormous and so are the volumes. To understand the novelty embedded in any research in society, one must look to the end results of the research. Big Data can be termed as the set of parameters which encompass one or more kinds of impending changes in the way social media users will operate. The collection of data will envisage collection from several varied points on the social networking grid, usually having such huge volumes of data that conventional techniques of data analysis would remain impractical. 

Next, we get to data and one must say it is the most separable or atomized part of the analysis. It may be interpreted or assimilated into a process as a change so that the process does not lose continuity. The data belongs to that object used in its creation (Mahrt & Scharkow, 2013). Data has a distinct identity from instruments that uses for its measurement. Society is growing more dependent on data analysis since most things we do are stored as data wherever we go. The growing dependence of man on storing data – name, bank number and things that he needs for the daily existence – has led to an increasing need for improved methods of data analysis. Everyone in society depends on data analysis directly or indirectly. 

Determining Nature of Data 

How much of the data can be trusted? Variety, velocity, and volume remain defined as this. The time for the arrival of data and the time taken for processing it will determine the velocity of the sample. The total amount of data processed will give you the volume. ("Drowning in Numbers", 2011). This refers to the amount of data that is verifiable and the amount that can actually be used with confidence. One must prepare data in a way that the data structure helps one to route and receive data and aid data analysis at all times in a simple manner. 

Thus, we see the following flow structure for Big Data: 

1. Velocity 

2. Volume 

3. Big Data Variety 

4. Value Veracity Viability 

Variety has increased in significant amounts over the past decade in society since government agencies are taking a keen interest in sharing of knowledge and getting the people to participate in many of the programs especially data analysis (Assunção et al., 2014). Commonly we can see Big Data extend across various segments like weather forecasts, data from interaction devices, historical data regarding weather and area statistics, DNA sequencing information, information on various products available online, social networking and comments, data analysis, government statistics, and demographics. 

When one considers the component Velocity and its impact on Big Data, one notices that data can arrive at different instants of time just as it is called for processing at some other instant of time. They will be processed at different speeds and some will require continuous real-time monitoring to ensure good results in the data analysis (Tufekci, n.d.)

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